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2020     The Desert of Itabira. above/ground press.

2016     Waiting for the Cyclone. Brindle & Glass Publishing.





2020     "When Saturn Returns." Forthcoming essay in an anthology (Guernica).

2020    "Five poems from Manuelzinho." Carousel

2020     "Flora," Taddle Creek.

2020     "Two poems from Manuelzinho," Event.

2017     "Songs for the Rainy Season" (2 poems) Humber Literary Review

2015     "Shelter from the Storm". The New Quarterly.   

2015     "Curating the Newfoundland Dead: In Conversation with Michael

              Winter." Forthcoming in the Humber Literary Review.

2015     "Rings Within Rings" (interview with Lisa Moore). The New Quarterly.

2014     “Fuel.”  The New Quarterly.  

2013      “Waiting for the Cyclone.”  The New Quarterly.

2013     "In Conversation with Catherine Bush." Lemon Hound.

2011     "In Conversation with Mary Gaitskill." Matrix Magazine.

2011     “Homestay.” Minority Reports: New English Writing from Quebec.

2011     “Manuelzinho.” Headlight Anthology 14.

2010      “Cycle.”  The New Quarterly.

2010     “Hotel Paris.”  The New Quarterly.



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